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Headshots with Nick Coleman

Headshots with Nick Coleman

October 26, 2021

Being camera ready for photographs is as important as being camera ready for video, and yet, how much thought did you put into preparing for the photo(s) you use in your LinkedIn profile, on your website and the social media content in between?

I had a recent photoshoot with my go-to photographer, Nick Coleman, and it was a brilliant lesson in self-compassion, preparedness, and endurance. Nick's ability to see me and help me be seen was a true gift that I do not take for granted which is why I insisted he share his wisdom on Camera Ready & Abel.

Nick is an award winning photographer, filmmaker, actor, and screenwriter. Recognized by Backstage magazine for his actor headshots, Nick has also photographed US Presidents and heads of state, and his regular clients include top law firms and financial institutions in New York City. His photo work has appeared in The New York Times, The Economist, The New Yorker, and other publications. 

In this episode of Camera Ready & Abel Nick discusses the why and how of preparing for a photoshoot, the crucial difference between a portrait and a headshot, and how looking great in a picture is a lot about caring who is on the other side of the lens (the photographer and the viewer) as in show up with purpose and make an emotional connection.

Bonus: Learn about micro expressions and what THIS assessment taught Nick.

One of the most universally flattering camera angles is to be slightly turned away from and leaning towards the camera. Nick explains that this is the case because the photographed person appears interested in the person on the other side of the photograph. His words of wisdom have me understanding the art of photography in a whole new light. I hope the same is true for you!

Follow Nick on social media platforms at @NickJoeColeman and check out his website at

Holistic with Hilary Russo

Holistic with Hilary Russo

October 19, 2021

Are you on the fast track to burn out? In a culture of DO, DO, DO the reminder to also BE is critical to your wellness and overall success. Combat fatigue, limiting beliefs, and emotional blocks with a HOLISTIC approach. 

So where do you start? Right here! Joining me on this episode of Camera Ready & Abel is award-winning holistic coach and TV journalist Hilary Russo. 

Hilary Russo is The HIListically Speaking® Health Coach. She is also a Certified Integrative Nutrition Holistic Health Coach and Certified Havening Techniques Practitioner. In private practice, she supports and empowers purpose-driven professionals to change the stories they are telling themselves by using Havening, a neuroscience based, psycho-sensory approach that changes the landscape of the brain.

Her devotion to holistic living keeps her connected to life on-camera. She continues to make regular TV appearances as a health/wellness expert on affiliates nationwide and has been part of the QVC on-air guest family since 2012. Hilary is also one of the original cast members and can still be seen on the online fitness show, Daily Burn 365. She also hosts a monthly program for CVSHealth/Aetna called “Healthy Communities News”. 

Her hosting doesn’t stop there, Hilary is also host/creator of the weekly podcast “HIListically Speaking”: conversations with guests in varied expertises who have turned  their traumas into triumphs through health, healing and humor. She's also a college professor at St John's University and teaches on-camera presentation and journalism. 

To learn more about Havening Techniques and how you can work with Hilary, she’s offering Camera Ready & Abel listeners a complimentary guided video using this self-soothing approach:

Love to get social? Connect with Hilary via Instagram @hilaryrusso

Positivity with Dave Noll

Positivity with Dave Noll

October 12, 2021

Grab a wheelbarrow because you're going to need one to carry all the gems that my guest, Dave Noll, drops in this episode of Camera Ready & Abel.

It will only take you a few seconds to feel this week's theme - POSITIVITY - in Dave's energy as he generously walks through the mindset, technique and practice that has made him a two-time Emmy award winning producer and show formats mastermind with over 60 TV shows (3300 episodes and counting) under his belt that have generated over $500 million in sales.

Listening to how Dave brainstormed the concept for his mega hit show, Chopped, and how he positioned its value to the Food Network will blow your mind and inspire you.

In an episode packed with gems, I leave you with this quoteable moment:

“You can accomplish almost nothing worthwhile and amazing and impressive in a year, but there's almost nothing that you can't accomplish that is amazing or worthwhile in 10 years. So if you're focusing on the next 10 years and not what's happening tomorrow, or the rejection you got today, it's so much more valuable.” -Dave Noll

Connect and follow Dave at

Confidence with Delina Medhin

Confidence with Delina Medhin

October 5, 2021
Confidence is an inside job and believing in your enoughness is a forever journey but there are easy, actionable steps you can take every day in your confidence building.
Joining me on this episode of Camera Ready & Abel is makeup artist, content creator and beautypreneur Delina Medhin, who shares how important confidence was when she made the huge career pivot from corporate America to launching a beauty business with big impact. 
Delina is an expert in all areas of makeup - including lighting - but her empathy and emotional intelligence may be her biggest assets. You've seen her work in print, film and television. I think her greatest gifts are her skills as a teacher and communicator and she brings that plus her generous spirit to her segments on the Today Show and The Wendy Williams Show.
Join her beautiful IG community at, learn from her teachings on Youtube at, and tune in to her recently released podcast It Takes a Village (I'll be her guest November 30th).
Relatable with Rachel DeAlto

Relatable with Rachel DeAlto

September 28, 2021

The good people at Merriam-Webster define RELATABLE as possible to understand, like, or have sympathy for because of similarities to oneself or one's own experiences. Being relatable is a critical, contemporary skill because if I can see myself in some aspect of you, your values or your situation, I am much more likely to pay attention to you and what you are saying.

Joining me on this episode of Camera Ready & Abel is Rachel DeAlto who quite literally wrote the book on being relatable. 

Rachel is a relationship expert (you know her from Lifetime’s Married at First Sight and TLC’s Kate+Date), coach, media personality, speaker, and now the author of “Relatable: How to Connect with Anyone Anywhere (Even if It Scares You).” 

Rachel generously shares deep insights on the power of our words, how to work through social anxiety and the effectiveness of communicating with ESP: Empathetic, Straight Forward, and Positive.

Rachel's impressive background includes a law degree, a Master’s in psychology, and an influential social media presence. Rachel is a frequent guest on television including The TODAY Show, Access Hollywood Live, and Fox News and has given three TEDx talks including Being Authentic in a Filtered World which is featured on Learn more at

Adaptable with DeDe Brown

Adaptable with DeDe Brown

September 21, 2021

You've likely seen this quote attributed to Charles Darwin:

It is not the strongest of the species that survives nor the most intelligent. It is the one most adaptable to change.

My guest for this episode of Camera, Ready & Abel, DeDe Brown, Senior Vice President of Multicultural Marketing and Publicity at Paramount Pictures, is both strong and highly intelligent but you want to settle in and listen to her deep and vulnerable insights about how being ADAPTABLE and nurturing that mindset has led her to career opportunities, personal growth and a richer life.

DeDe does not say it's easy, but it's well worth the effort, because life has no blueprint and learning to dance in the moment makes for a far more enjoyable experience.

DeDe is also the co-host of BLK ON THE SCENE, a podcast which celebrates Black people and content in the entertainment industry that help drive change and authentic representation. Follow DeDe on instagram at @d2bnyc.

As Greek philosopher Hercalitus said, the only constant in life is change. Adaptability is an essential life skill.

Community with Shay Holland

Community with Shay Holland

September 14, 2021

COMMUNITY is a feeling of fellowship with others whether virtual or in real life. It feels good to be in community. This is especially true for creatives who often work alone in highly competitive fields.

My guest for this episode of Camera Ready & Abel, TV host, actress and entrepreneur Shay Holland, talks to me about how she built one of my favorites Facebook communities, Hosts in LA, from 50 members to an inclusive global group of 4000, because she knew she could create more opportunity and support together than alone. That includes fighting for equal pay, systemic racism in casting and welcoming diverse voices in the group.

The biggest takeaway? Community is a two-way street. You've got to show up with a generous spirit and participate.

A self-described recovering TV newscaster, Shay is the Co-Host/Interior Designer on a new HGTV show debuting October 23rd —a job she credits to her father’s insistence that she learn her way around power tools from the time she was a little girl. With a never-ending curiosity about the world, Shay is a consummate storyteller who views her new show as an extension of that passion—telling stories through the language of design. As an anchor and investigative reporter, she's covered breaking news stories that have aired on NBC affiliates, CNN and the “Today” show.

If you are an on-camera personality looking for ways to grow your opportunities and connections among colleagues in the entertainment industry, check out the Hosts in LA Facebook group

You can follow Shay Holland on instagram at @shayhollandofficial and be sure to check out her new show on HGTV, premiering on October 23rd.

Hope with Danielle Gelfand

Hope with Danielle Gelfand

September 7, 2021

HOPE is both a verb and a noun and I learned so much talking about hope with multi-platform storyteller and executive producer Danielle Gelfand on this episode of Camera Ready & Abel:

  • Hope and resilience go hand in hand
  • Some chance of a positive outcome is better than no chance, and worth holding on to
  • It turns out the story we've been telling ourselves is often wrong
  • The key is showing up

She knows from painful experience what it takes to persevere and hold on to HOPE even when the odds are stacked against her. Danielle is deep, insightful, vulnerable and very funny. 

She opens up about keeping big secrets, dating, freezing her eggs and releasing the weight of shame and grief when she published her first essay in the New York Times, Years of Atonement, about her father's suicide. 

Through the power of story, Daniells shares how she transformed her personal life after years of giving tirelessly to her career, one hopeful step after another. 

As a veteran VH1 executive producer, Danielle developed and oversaw such hit television series as the Love & Hip Hop franchise and I Want to Work for Diddy. Danielle has directed A-list celebrities and talent, including Mariah Carey, Madonna, and Diddy. Her credits include hundreds of hours of docu-soap, reality, and relationship shows. 

Danielle is currently writing a memoir about overcoming her traumatic past to find late-blooming love and family. Follow her on instagram at @daniellemgelfand and stop by her website to read her most recent New York Times essay, The Wedding I Thought Would Never Happen.

Voice with Maria Pendolino

Voice with Maria Pendolino

August 31, 2021

Your voice is one of your greatest assets and instrumental to your success. And, in case you haven't noticed, “we are living in a voice-first world,”  per my guest for this episode of Camera, Ready & Abel, award-winning voice actor and voiceover artist, Maria Pendolino, (who is also the voice of my audio book, How to Get Your Foot in the Door: Television Hosting & Presenting.)

Whether you are a media professional who records audio or video content or have been thrust on-camera via the zoom room, Maria shares tips and insights on how to use your voice most effectively, from warming-up and warming-down your voice, to sounding conversational, to using your voice to negotiate a contract that values your time and worth.

Maria has been acting since she was 11 years old and has been a professional working actor for more than 15 years. Trained in musical theatre, Maria now lends her voice to commercials, animation, video games, corporate & explainer videos, e-learning courses, audio books, telephone systems and more. 

You can see more about Maria on her website or follow her on IG/Twitter/Tiktok @mariapendo. 

This episode is a mini masterclass with the wildly talented Maria Pendolino, so tune in!

Healing with Seth Eliot Santoro

Healing with Seth Eliot Santoro

August 24, 2021

“To heal is to touch with love that which we previously touched with fear.” -Stephen Levine

The news cycle has been especially difficult lately. I know I've been struggling, feeling a lot of sorrow and helplessness, which is why it's timely that my guest for this episode is of Camera Ready & Abel is Intuitive Coach and Spiritual Consultant, Seth Eliot Santoro -  and his spiritual guides. Seth is on a mission to inspire everyone on the planet to HEAL, reclaim their happiness, and to live a more enthusiastic, energetic, and purposeful lifestyle and generously shares tools with me that you can use today.

Seth Eliot Santoro, CEC is a Spiritual Consultant, Reframer, Intuitive Advisor, Intuitive Business Coach, Bestselling Author, Psychic Medium, Animal Communicator, HR Advisor, Keynote Speaker, Bereavement Facilitator, Husband, Friend, and Death Expert. Combining his passion for Corporate America, his training as a coach, and his metaphysical gifts of intuition and mediumship, Seth partners with clients to reframe their minds, re-engage in their present, find happiness again, AND create a better legacy, future, and fulfilling life for themselves and everyone around them.

Seth is the 2-time #1 international best-selling author of “Smile From The Inside” and “Finn & The Ferocious Flu!”

To learn more about Seth, or for free resources and support, visit

Care with Sian-Pierre Regis

Care with Sian-Pierre Regis

August 17, 2021

The CARE you demonstrate in your day-to-day life can have an enormous impact on those around you. It sends a message of value, worth, and appreciation for someone or something- and the world can use as much of those good vibes as possible! My guest for this episode is Director and activist, Sian-Pierre Regis, who brought the things he cares deeply for to life in his debut feature documentary, Duty Free.

Duty Free examines ageism, the care crisis, and economic insecurity in America. After his mother, a 75 year old immigrant, is abruptly fired from her job as a hotel housekeeper, Sian-Pierre takes her on a bucket list adventure to help her reclaim her life. He documents a journey that uncovers the betrayals plaguing her past and the economic insecurity shaping not only her future, but that of an entire generation.

Sian-Pierre Regis is a storyteller with entrepreneurial guts. He is an award-winning journalist, on-camera personality, and cultural critic with an undying love for both pop-culture and social responsibility. He has been a contributor for CNN, HLN, MTV and CBS, covering stories of youth political activism and pop-culture. 

Zip on over to to watch this heartfelt film in the comfort of your own home and while you are waiting for the popcorn to pop follow @sianpierre and his mother, Rebecca on Instagram at @rebrexit.

Resilient with Elizabeth Wagmeister

Resilient with Elizabeth Wagmeister

August 10, 2021

RESILIENT is a mindset - and a choice. It means to be able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions. If you are reading this, you are resilient. You came face to face with a global pandemic that required you to adapt to an extremely difficult situation.

A core principle to being a RESILIENT person is leaning into your emotional intelligence and cultivating a belief in your ability to cope which is why I was excited to speak with award-winning multimedia entertainment journalist Elizabeth Wagmeister. She's taught me a thing or many about being resilient and shares in this episode how she lives it every day and how it's helped her flourish in her career.

Elizabeth is the senior correspondent at Variety and host of The Take - Variety's weekly video roundup of the top entertainment stories of the week. She's also a former co-host of the nationally-syndicated newsmagazine "Page Six TV" which I had the pleasure of casting. Fun fact: It was Elizabeth's first audition and she didn't have an agent.

Elizabeth was named one of Forbes 30 Under 30 in 2019. She established herself as a leading voice in entertainment news by breaking highly influential stories, including the bombshell Matt Lauer investigation, and continues with her on-going coverage of Harvey Weinstein and Brittney Spears.

Every successful career has its pile-up of disappointments, challenges and dead-ends. So how did Elizabeth remain RESILIENT to rise up the ranks in a competitive career field at such a young age? It started by knowing she wasn’t going to take someone else’s NO and make it the final answer. 

Tune in to learn more and follow Elizabeth at @ewagmeister and check out her work at

Toxic Positivity with Dr. Darcy Sterling

Toxic Positivity with Dr. Darcy Sterling

August 3, 2021

I am naturally optimistic. In fact, my ability to see opportunity and look at the bright side of things is a super power that has served me well in a lot of ways. But...there's a shadow side to being overly positive. Honestly, it's one more example of The Shoulds and you've likely experienced this if you’ve ever had your feelings discounted and dismissed by someone else's need to put a positive spin on things. Expressing only positive emotions can take a toll, especially during times of real crisis, creating anxiety and other health issues.

When I read Dr. Darcy Sterling’s blogpost, The Dark Side to Looking at the Bright Side, I saw myself in her words and needed to amplify this message, and am thrilled Dr. Darcy joins me on this episode of Camera Ready & Abel to discuss TOXIC POSITIVITY. Get ready - she lays it all on the line.

Therapist and Relationship Expert, Dr. Darcy Sterling is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and the host of E! Network’s Famously Single. She’s the former Global Ambassador of Tinder, and her private practice, Alternatives Counseling in New York City, specializes in helping people thrive in their relationships. 

In addition to providing counseling services, Dr. Darcy teaches online courses on the psychology and science of Love and Relationships: Her newest course tackles one of the biggest relationship challenges - JEALOUSY.

Follow Dr. Darcy on instagram at @drdarcysterling and visit her website

Color with Jill Kirsh

Color with Jill Kirsh

July 27, 2021

I love COLOR. It is a powerful communication tool. Color is an exterior representation that evokes emotion, conveys a message, and affects your mood. It can also help you stand out OR it can wash you out, which is why I invited Hollywood’s Guru of Hue, Jill Kirsh, to provide color coaching so you can clarify your message in style.

Color Expert, Jill Kirsh, has created the ultimate fashion hack with her wallet size customized swatch books filled with pieces of fabric that she’s curated of all your best shades of every color, based entirely on your present hair color. Her unique color system for fashion & beauty has been the talk of the fashion world for the past fifteen years. Jill was named Best Color Consultant in the Best of LA issue of Los Angeles magazine and is frequently called upon by Red Carpet celebs, Grammy winning musicians and titans of business for her virtual & in person color coaching. 

Jill is featured as the Color Expert in the award winning documentary Gray Is the New Blonde and has just written her first ebook, The Color Question: Are You Wearing the Perfect Shades…For Somebody Else?, which is available for free on her website

Tune in for some color coaching and shine a little brighter in your day-to-day!

Adversity with Dr. Gregg Steinberg

Adversity with Dr. Gregg Steinberg

July 20, 2021
ADVERSITY is part of the human experience and learning to cope with it has shaped my life and been a great teacher of resilience. I am where I am because of experiencing loss, heartbreak and perceived failures like getting fired (more than once!).
My guest for this episode, Performance Psychologist and Purpose-Driven Speaker, Dr. Gregg Steinberg, has taught me a ton about emotional toughness and turning adversity into strength. Here he teaches the what and the how of embracing adversity to live a fulfilled and meaningful life or what Gregg calls FALLING UP.
Prepare to take notes because Gregg gets into the nitty gritty and by the end you will have what you need to raise your game under pressure, perform in the storm and set you on the path of transcendence.

Tune in and check out Dr. Gregg’s TED talk, How to Fall Up and visit his website for information on courses and resources.

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