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The Power of Publicity with Brielle Cotterman

September 6, 2022

Publicity has changed dramatically in my lifetime. Heck, it's changed a lot in the past few years. But The Power of Publicity remains something every business owner, subject expert and performer needs to harness.

My guest for this episode, Brielle Cotterman, is a Publicity Expert and Celebrity-Maker, who distills the Power of Publicity down to one phrase we discuss here a lot on the podcast: Listen to the stories you are telling.

Stories that inspire action have three parts according to Brielle:

  • Who you were before
  • the transformative experience
  • who you are after (or the rise). 

It is sharing your rise that inspires action.

More potent takeaways:

  • Publicity isn’t the end goal but it’s a means to an end
  • Don’t get hung up on top tier publicity, shine in your niche and build up
  • Publicity leads to more publicity
  • Practice makes permanent 

Brielle Cotterman is a TEDx Speaker, Contributor at Entrepreneur, Activist Against Domestic Violence, Publicity Expert, and Celebrity-Maker. She has spent the last decade helping clients to craft and scale dream careers to 7 figures and beyond by leveraging their personal stories and passions in order to create speaking tours, author award-winning books, procure media placements, and inspire the millions of people that need to hear their story. 

Follow Brielle at @briellecotterman and learn about her Celebrity Incubator program, whose tagline reads “Learn the Skills, Gain The Confidence, and Create The Media Collateral You Need to Become a Niche-Celebrity and Get the Highest Levels of Publicity.”

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