Camera Ready & Abel

Keeping the Blinders On with Katie Linendoll

August 9, 2022

I strive to deliver positive, actionable takeaways at Camera Ready & Abel but this is an especially inspiring episode!

It's not easy to stay the course in pursuit of your dreams. There's a constant din of outside noise, opinions, societal pressure and your own gremlins.

Katie Linendoll shares generously how learning to keep the blinders on took her from production assistant at ESPN to Emmy Award-winning consumer technology expert and one of the leading women in media technology with television appearances everywhere (literally), partner at MetroCap Partners focused on engagement with early-stage startups, a robust speaking career and charting on the country music charts.

Key takeaways:

  • Combine your creativity with a strong work ethic
  • Post your goals where you can see them and refer back often
  • Schedule your day
  • If you're not getting high fives don't worry - go ahead and celebrate yourself
  • Give yourself permission to change
  • Every tv appearance is an audition for the next tv appearance
  • Keep at it, you're in charge of you!

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