Camera Ready & Abel

How to Get Discovered with Vinnie Potestivo

September 13, 2022

Do you feel like you are the world's best-kept secret? Are you stumped on how to stand out from the crowd in your space?

My dear friend Vinnie Potestivo - multimedia advisor, celebrity brand executive and host of the podcast, I Have a Podcast, returns to Camera Ready & Abel to generously share how to get discovered which Vinnie explains is simply exposure X action.

What action do you want someone to take as the result of discovering you? Are you making it easy for them to take that action?

In our conversation we also explore discovery-moments, why and how you should regularly update your credentials (even when you have nothing new to add), and the three components of exposure- amplification, distribution, and aggregation. 

To learn how Vinnie can help you create, invent or reinvent your personal or business brand business with carefully crafted strategies visit and hop on over to LinkedIn and follow #LinkedVin where Vinnie shares resources, tips, and leads.

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