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Future Proof Your Career with Evan Shapiro

April 5, 2022

Evan Shapiro is the Unofficial Official Cartographer of the Media Universe and I am a happy subscriber to his must read newsletter Media War & Peace so I immediately stopped what I was doing when an edition landed in my inbox with the subtitle: Future-proof your career.

I want to future-proof my career, don't you??

Evan completely delivered on his promise, as he always does, and I used the Camera Ready & Abel podcast as the perfect excuse to reach out and ask, can we talk about this?

Key takeaways:

  • You are the CEO of the business of you. Think like a CEO.
  • Treat your talents as superpowers
  • Preparing to pivot means preparing to do it before you need to
  • Wake up stupid every day. Read, be curious and attack each day as an opportunity to improve your place in the marketplace,
  • Web 3 is coming so plan accordingly

If you are working in media or aspire to work in media you need to be following Evan and reading Media War & Peace. Evan's diverse career began as a stable boy in high school shoveling horse manure - you know this training has come in handy! - through working as head of marketing at The Public Theatre to being President of IFC and Sundance channels for several years before early adopting into digital and launching several networks. Portlandia fans, you have Evan to thank. 

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